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Fayetteville is a beautiful city in North Carolina with many living advantages. This charming and historical town is full of family friendly activities and restaurants, making it a picturesque place to live for young and growing families. Read below for a list of endearing suburbs perfect for raising a family.

Spring Lake

If the name itself isn’t enough to make you want to move here, wait until you hear about the advantages of living here. Filled with an abundance of young families, this neighborhood will welcome you with open arms and might even allow your children to make friends their age. This area offers good public schools and many restaurants. Your kids will love living near the river, where many locals bring kayaks or canoes. 


Known as a smaller neighborhood, Raeford is extremely family friendly and gives a small town feel while not being too far out from the city. This low-traffic area is perfect for raising small children, as parents can have peace of mind letting their children play outside. This neighborhood is located by Festival Park, a grassy area with a stage sometimes used for concerts or other events. Attending an event here is a great way to meet nearby neighbors and form new friendships. 

Anderson Creek

Located nearby a multi-functional park, Anderson Creek boasts about its friendly community suitable for families and retirees. This region also puts on neighborhood events throughout the year, giving ample opportunities to meet new people, even after having lived here for a few years. The area has an abundance of restaurants to choose from as well.

Rockfish Township

Rockfish Township is highly regarded by locals and visitors alike. Another family-friendly neighborhood, Rockish Township offers beautiful scenery and a low crime rate. The area has many parks and gardens, as well as a museum. 

Whether you are relocating to Fayetteville from another city or simply looking to switch up your neighborhood, you will be impressed by the number of neighborhoods suitable for raising a family and meeting new people. Each community has its own characteristic, as well as friendly locals who know the ins and outs of the town. You can live peacefully in one of these neighborhoods while also being close to the downtown Fayetteville area, which offers fun night life, restaurants and shopping.