After purchasing a home, it needs to pass an inspection by a licensed inspector before you can take up residence. The inspection is done mostly to report on any of the problems the home may have, no matter how big or small. If the problems are far too many, the buyer has the opportunity to back out of the transaction. 

If you’re a seller who wants to avoid failing a home inspection, there are a few things you can do to prepare beforehand. 

  1. Make Necessary Roof Repairs 

One of the first things that a home inspector looks at is the home’s roof. They look for any loose or broken shingles or any areas where there might be a leak. To prevent an inspector from failing your home inspection, be sure to address any issues your roof may have beforehand. Otherwise, it could cost you your home’s sale.

  1. Fix Problems with Drainage 

This is another common issue that home inspectors tend to look for. When a home has drainage issues, it can cause serious foundation damage. This could also lead to mildew. To prevent this from happening, be sure to add topsoil to the ground and repair any broken gutters or parts of your home that keep rain off of your house. 

  1. Handle Any Pest Infestations 

If there’s a surefire way to fail a home inspection, it’s to have any pests present in the home. Be sure that you get rid of any termites and fix any obvious signs that they’ve been around. This includes getting a termite bond so that the next person to take residence in the home can be immune to another termite infestation. 

  1. Make Sure Your Heating System Works 

If your furnace is old, you may want to consider having it replaced before selling. Otherwise, it could cost the buyer thousands of dollars to get it replaced. To prevent having to buy a new one, make sure you are having your furnace inspected on a regular basis.