In today’s time, virtual home showings have moved from being an obscure way of showing off a home for sale to being the new normal. As such, it is important to understand the best ways to sell a home through this method of home sales, as it will be up to the seller to be able to showcase the house in the most flattering way while still being honest about what clients are going to get. 

Clearing up the Home and Maximizing Space

The first thing to do when preparing the home for a showcasing is to make sure to put everything that isn’t furniture or décor away. Toys, magazines, pictures, and anything else that isn’t a part of the house’s interior design needs to be out of sight from where pictures are going to be taken. This is to ensure that potential buyers have the best chance of envisioning the home as their own, rather than seeing themselves in an already lived-in house. It also helps to make homes look more spacious, which is a great selling point. 

Once all the miscellaneous items have been stored away and are out of sight from the camera lens, the next most important thing is to dust and clean everything. Invest in some deep cleaning, dust every surface no matter how clean it looks, and replace all the lightbulbs to maximize how bright they are to give the home a fresh feeling to it. 

Rearranging Furniture and Practicing Photography

The next step is going to be to ensure that one can show off the home in a flattering way to increase the chance of sales. This will involve moving the furniture around to not only make the room look as spacious as possible, but to also give a clear path to walk through when doing video tours. Grab a friend and consider asking for their assistance as you video call that person and give a mock walkthrough of the house before doing the real deal for potential buyers. This will give a good sense of what needs to be moved and any changes that need to be made. 

Depending on how the house is being sold, another idea to consider is to remove all the furniture, but it is generally recommended to have at least some furniture so future buyers can gauge the size of the house from it, since everything is now done through a screen.